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Updates for June 30 2011

xyberviri, Jun 30, 11 6:54 PM.

Quick heads up first:Members that disappear will now be changed to the AWOL Rank which has no permissions. keep in contact with the guild members and you wont loose your rank.

      Today Xsyon was updated with the new combat system. The most promising of the changes is the Swing/Parry/Dodge Mechanic change. Players familiar with Mount and Blade should have the easiest time adjusting. Scoll bars have been added to everything that should have one. Resources and crafted objects now display bonus properties.

Looting/Hunting now works in swiming. IE "Water is no longer a no loot zone" you have been warned.

Architecture has been revised with many new recipes that can be found via scavenging.

Patch Notes:

Combat revisions:

- New combat system well under way!
- Desynch issues. These have been improved, but are still in progress.
- Swing, parry and dodge are controlled by left and right mouse buttons and the Ctrl and Alt keys (they keys can be reconfigured).
- Swing and parry direction are controlled by the mouse and can be adjusted in mid movement.
- Swing and parry can be held.
- You can switch from swing to parry in mid action to cancel a swing.
- Swing power increases while holding an attack.
- Ability to change angle up and down while holding or swinging an attack. Your final angle of attack is taken into consideration. Your character's spine rotates and we will make this more visual in the future by adjusting the character's arm
- Hit selection and damage working. Hit depends on the direction and counter position of your opponent.

Combat revisions are still in progress. We will continue to improve and perfect this system and look forward to more feedback!

- Scroll bars on crafting, construction, social lists and chat.
- Sorting of craft and construction recipes.
- Resource and crafted object bonus properties display.

Crafting and Construction:
- Crafted items acquire properties from materials used (both primary and secondary materials used will affect the final outcome).
- Rare resources impart special bonuses to crafted objects.
- Architecture system revised into 7 architecture groups, with many new parts.
- Limestone walls have been reduced in size and doubled up.
- Buildings can be properly dismantled.

- Character gains skill through hunting.
- Character gains skill through logging and chopping logs.
- Looting, opening and hunting works while swimming.

- 512 zone size. This improves loading times and reduces memory usage. The visible coordinate system still follows the old 1024 zone size.
- Trees spawn in Spring and grow.
- Scavenged resources are distributed throughout the world.
- The chance of finding rare items is increased with distance from your home territory and from all safe zones.
- New metal materials have been introduced.
- New leather resources can be found through sorting.
- Many metal and plastic components can be found now through scavenging.
- Architecture recipes can be found through scavenging.

New Guild site, Apache needs to regroup the missing members.

xyberviri, May 24, 11 12:17 AM.
Hello everyone, this is TokTok, i have setup a guild portal site and laron has setup a teamspeak server the team speak info follows:

IP Address
Port                 4701
Password          pxla

Please join us out here and get the word out to the other members, No I do not have any information as to the situation with the guild site/teamspeak/leadership.

Teno is currently the Residing Grand Cheif over the guild, until further notice we take orders from him, i will be on teamspeak or in game if anyone needs any information.

I appreciate understanding in during the current situation.
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